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Author: mandmweb

Winter Snow (and ice and rain and lightning and thunder)!

It is looking much more like Winter than it has in the past couple of years or so!  I like that!!  I especially enjoy seeing the SNOW piles.  It reminds me of growing up in extreme northern Iowa. Front – driveway Backyard trees Winter weather?  Feed the birds!  They will come! Tufted Titmouse Blue Jay and Red Bellied Woodpecker Northern Flicker These two photos show birds in my Dad’s tree.  Finally getting big enough to support bigger birds! Can you find 14 goldfinches, 2 blue jays and one house sparrow? 8 goldfinches “Hey, You!” (Speaking to me? Maybe he...

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ABC Wednesday – S

S is for Snow. We just received a couple of inches of it this morning.  It has been 32-33 degrees F all day.  I’m not ready for cold weather; nor am I ready for winter.  Bah. Humbug.  (That’s all I’m going to say about that for the moment.)  Enjoy! SG Source...

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Me and the Senette

Woke up to this in my head, after dreaming of being the first US Senator from Ontario… Canadian Achievement Award: here’s to Mike Schmidt. 17 beers and he can still get one in the net from the blue line! Anyway… It was fun. I was rushing, late. The Senate was meeting in what looked like a big high school auditorium. It was my first vote and I was late and they were just calling the last names. It was some crucial women’s issue but they carried the day without me. But nearly all of them were women! I was wondering what they were so keyed up about. 🙂 I wonder who the other Senator from Ontario was. Probably Doug Ford. 😛 Source...

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Little Illiteracy

It’s a little hard to see in this shot, I know, but this the intersection of Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue on what was once the border of North York (right) and Scarborough (left). I’ve come to refer to it as Dumbass Corners, because every single day, almost without exception, the driver on this bus has to tell some brand new, slack-jawed idiot that this is a double fare express bus, and this invariably takes three attempts and most of a minute to accomplish. Not really a big deal, but I used to vent a lot on this...

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The Pink Panther and Sons

When I was a teenager and Saturday morning was still a sea of cartoons, Hanna-Barbera came up with a single-season offering that really caught my imagination. I’d go so far as to say it really stepped up my desire to be an artist and animator. The show was The Pink Panther and Sons, and recently, I found the show’s model sheets for sale on eBay for about $20 US. They arrived yesterday. These must be from when the show hadn’t quite gelled yet, because I do notice some deltas from the show I remember. The first and most profound...

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